The MIKADA Group of Companies

mikadagrouplogoThe MIKADA Group is a dynamic, proactive international business partner that consistently provides value, reliability, quality and customer satisfaction. We leverage our core competencies of advertisement, logistics, procurement and engineering to continually expand our product lines and diversify our business portfolio.

Our aim is to continually enhance the success and fortitude of the MIKADA Group. The organization is committed to: Reliability, Innovation, and Quality. To achieve these goals, the MIKADA Group invests in its extensive Research and Development capabilities, maintaining superior quality control, and exploiting new and cost minimized ways of construction opportunities.

Our efforts are focused on not only achieving but raising the benchmark for excellence in logistics for FLY ASH and related product supply. The MIKADA Group leads the industry in formulating innovative way of construction, Supplying quality grade of FLY ASH products, bituminous compounds, polymerized bitumen products and specialized resins. From this base, the MIKADA Group will expand its core competencies and business relationships.