Mikada Engineering and Trading Plc was established in December 2010 in line with the Ethiopian business law and licensed as a general construction firm under the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction to execute construction of roads, bridges, buildings and similar works.

Since then, we have signed and entered in to several contracts for construction of roads, buildings and related works and have successfully completed some of the contracts to the satisfaction of our clients.

 As to capability of construction equipments, we have owned several heavy duty earthmoving equipments and equipments for hauling and pavement works proper for this grade of construction license. Besides, we, upon establishment and over a couple of years built huge financial capacity that would be a dependable cash flow support for the contracts we execute. 

MIKADA ENGINEERING & TRADING PLC is focused on the following civil and infrastructure sectors:

Roads & Interchanges

MIKADA ENGINEERING & TRADING PLC is a versatile civil builder - equally proficient building on land or over water, in busy cities or in remote areas. Our team possesses the ingenuity and experience needed to undertake any civil structure imaginable - from roads, bridges and overpasses to tunnels and interchanges.

Water Networks
MIKADA group Construction has expertise in a wide range of waterworks, including sewerage, drainage & irrigation projects. This includes water transmission and distribution projects, sewage and effluent collection and disposal projects, water, effluent and sewage treatment plants, solid waste management, and sewerage and irrigation networks.

Electricity & Telecommunications
MIKADA ENGINEERING has in-depth industry knowledge in lighting & power, telecommunications networks, earthling & lightning protection analysis, short circuit analysis, electrical system protection, automation & communication engineering, and HVAC & firefighting systems.

MIKADA ENGINEERING applies the latest technologies to carry out earthworks in a safe and efficient manner. We have the capability to move massive quantities of soil or unformed rock for projects that include but are not limited to roads, dams, dikes, canals and berms.

S & EM Equipment Installation 
MIKADA group has a wealth of knowledge and experience in structural and electro-mechanical equipment installations. We carry out these services to support the company’s other construction activities.