An emerging form of advertising seen in today's mobile world is in-flight TV advertising. It is a prominent form of advertising on commercial flights which is found on the small television screen located on passenger's seatbacks. The screens offer a multitude of cable television channels and also a channel specifically created to show a map of the location of the aircraft.

This channel will feature the map for a specified amount of time, and then will switch to about two or three advertisements before switching back to the map. This goes on throughout the entire flight, with a variety of different ads being shown each time. In addition, passengers are also exposed to the traditional television commercials on the cable channels offered throughout the flight.

According to surveys by QMedia and Triad Consulting Group:

-         85% of long-distance travelers recalled some type of inflight advertising or promotional material. The figures were higher for business class and high frequency passengers.

-         86% of customers are flying in a positive mood, and are hence more likely to be receptive to advertising messages

-         On flights of over an hour, 9 out of 10 airline passengers used their tray for 15 minutes or more. In short flights of an hour or less, the figure stood at 82%

-         92% of airline passengers were still able to recall advertising messages a few hours after arrival.

Currently, Delta Airlines, Virgin America Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue offer in flight television advertising.